Amid of Cabinet disagreement over economic policies, the Prime Minister of Estonia TaaviRoivas’s government lost a confidence vote in parliament. In the 101-seat Estonian parliament, 63 voted “yes”and 28 voted “no” while 10 members absentFormed in April 2015 after winning the parliamentary elections, Roivas’s Reform Party has been facing serious policy differences with its coalition partners - Social Democrats and conservative IRL Party. Finally over the discussions over the country’s economy policies, the coalition partners said that they had lost trust in Roavis’s leadership and his economic policies. In this sense, Estonia’s government collapsed after Prime Minister TaaviRoivas lost a confidence vote in Parliament. Estonian president, KerstiKaljulaid said in a statementthat he will meet with the heads of the six parliamentary parties on forming a new government. Nuran YILDIRIM 

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