Mustafa AY – TDO – 24.09.2017 Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy stated “there will be no secession referendum outlawed by Spain Constitutional Court” by addressing Catalan leaders. Rajoy added that he will apply his authority and every sort of state facility at the disposal of his authority in order to hamper Catalan’s struggle opposing to Spain’s interest.

Madrid, through designated solicitors for dealing with this bothersome issue, plans to heavily punish Catalan leaders, besides tightening controls and inspections over Catalonia-based financial institutions. By the virtue of this plan, Madrid administration is aimed at deterring both those institutions and employees of those institutions from endorsing the independence referendum. Spain Constitutional Court has already imposed prohibitive monetary levies worth to roughly 15 thousand dollars against Catalonia-based financial and private firms. As a result of public surveys carried out recently, distribution of votes is like this: percentage of yes-voters accounts for %41 against %49 no-voters.   


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