News Centre –TDO- Ecuador’s Ambassador to Ankara Roberto Betancourt has hosted a publicity event for Ecuadorian roses at Ankara Panora Shopping Centre.

The event was attended by Yakup Özkılıç, owner of the importing firm Marmara Group, ambassadors and a select group of invitees.

Delivering the opening speech, Ambassador Betancourt said “Equator is one of the largest suppliers of roses in the world. It is the third largest exporter of cut flowers and 73 per cent of this is roses.

“This sector employed 200,000 people and was worth USD 837 million as of 2018.

“The largest market for Equatorean flowers is the United States of America, which purchases 45 per cent of the produce. It is followed by the European Union with 20 per cent and Russia with 16 per cent.

“There are more than 500 varieties of roses in Equator.

“Ecuadorian roses are cherished for their size, amazing diversity and colour combinations.

“Ecuador’s unique geography and the conditions the roses are raised in allow for the diversity of colour.

“Ecuador’s competitive advantage lies in the country’s unique climate and its attention to innovation.

“The right amount of sunshine, fertile soil, location and elevation allow for the year-round growing of roses and make Equatorean roses superior to others. I hope you will enjoy the day.”

Embassy Trade Undersecretary Gabriel Pena said that Equator was a small but diverse country with its coasts, land and natural resources and therefore it exports high quality goods to the rest of the world.

 “Ecuador has coastal, mountain, Amazon and Galapagos regions. You can visit these four territories within the same day by hopping on 40-minute flights.

“The amazing climate conditions of Equator allow for year-round growing of flowers.”

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