İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-08.08.2017- According to  Swiss National News agency SDA,  a member of the UN commission of inquiry on Syria, Carla del Ponte, announced that  her letter of resignation has already been preapered as they were ‘’powerless’’.

Throughout the four years spent in the faculty, we had various debates about affectability of international organizations, especially UN. The limit on IO’s binding power on sovereign states, suspicions about decisions taken by these multilateral organizations and economics has always been a signifianct matter of IR and raised questions in our minds. Unfortunatelly, there is no standart on the force of IO’s imposed on states and even fairness in applying international law. Also, some states unwillingful approach to comply with these is another problem.

Recently, World experienced another example that proven the inadequacy of IO’s to achieve their proposed duties. A member of the UN commission of inquiry on Syria, Carla del Ponte who worked in the prosecution of war crimes both in Rwanda and former Yugoslavia, told that she would quit her job soon, in Locarno Film Festival.

She said “I am quitting this commission, which is not backed by any political will”. She determined her role as just an “alibi”. And she added “I have no power as long as the security council does nothing. We are powerless, there is no justice for Syria,”.

Del Ponte joined the three-member Syria inquiry in September 2012 and help UN forces on reporting incidents such as chemical weapons attacks, a genocide against Iraq’s Yazidi population, siege tactics, and the bombing of aid convoys. Moreover, she shocked western governments in May 2013, declaring that the UN had “strong suspicions” of Syrian rebels using sarin gas.

Comission declare that Del Ponte informed her collegues about her withdrawal and stated “It is our obligation to persist in its work on behalf of the countless number of Syrian victims of the worst human rights violations and international crimes known to humanity,”. Del Ponte’s departure led there to be only two commissioners, Brazil’s Paulo Pinheiro and Karen Koning AbuZayd from USA.

It seems Syrian Crisis will be used to infame some states or actors unfairly and perpetrators will remain safe without any punishment. As it always happen, regular people will continue to feel the pain. 

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