We think that tissues, organs, skin and bone, that is DNA is not alive once it is split from the body, but the truth is very different.
The findings of scientists who investigated the effect of emotions and thoughts on the functioning of the body and on DNA are very interesting and surprising. The subject of the study was whether emotions, especially DNA, continue to affect living cells when they are no longer the part of the body. In the experiments individuals and DNA samples taken from them were placed in different rooms hundreds of metres apart within the same building. Individuals were made to watch videos with a range of content from war to comedy and eroticism to produce real emotions in a short time. What is interesting is that the individuals who experienced a change in emotional state by watching the videos and their DNA which was kept hundreds of metres apart reacted in the same way. As the time dimension was included in the experiment, it was proven that the body and the DNA reacted at the same time as though they were not apart. In the most recent experiment, the distance between the body and the DNA was taken up to 350 miles, an as you may very well imagine, the result remained unchanged. By Iþýl GenceYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of May

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