News Center -TDO- The "greening of the Planet Project" event was held with the participation of Ukrainian Ambassador to Ankara Andrii Sybiha and his spouse Tanya Sybiha.

At the event, as part of the greening of the planet project, these saplings, specially brought from Ukraine, a total of 10 trees and shrubs with symbolic meaning for Ukraine and Crimea, were planted in the park of three saplings on Ukrainian Street. These are:


lilac, willow, oak, chestnut, snowball


service, juniper.

Ambassador Sybiha, in his speech here, said that these seedlings planted symbolize that the Crimea region, which Russia illegally annexed, will one day necessarily remain free.

Ambassador Sybiha noted that after the completion of the necessary processes, the Ukrainian Park will be opened in Ankara in the near future and they will also work on greening there.
Ambassador Sybiha continued his speech as follows: "Today we planted our saplings in this beautiful park on a highly symbolic street for Ukraine and Crimea. We planted lilac, willow, oak, chestnut and snowball trees for Ukraine, and cypress and juniper trees for Crimean Tatars. Each of these trees has a separate story. We can also see them in our legends and fairy tales. So these are spontaneous symbols."

Ambassador Sybiha pointed out that these seedlings planted are also a symbol of the friendship between Turkey and Ukraine and said: "As these trees begin to take root, the friendship that exists between Turkey and Ukraine will continue to strengthen on the basis of these roots."

Ambassador Sybiha concluded his remarks as follows: "As you know, an Istanbul Park was opened in Odessa, and now that park is very popular among the residents of Odessa. Such events lead the people of the two countries to get to know and explore each other more closely."

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