News Center -TDO- A photo exhibition was opened at the Ankara Dogan Tashdelen Center for Contemporary Arts, organized by the Mexican Embassy with the support of the municipality of Chankaya, aimed at commemorating the day of the dead. The exhibition, curated by Attila Gullu, features works by 33 Mexican photographers.

Mission representatives and distinguished guests in Ankara attended the opening of the exhibition.

After the opening speeches of curator Attila Gullu and Mexica’s Ambassador to Turkey Jose Luis Martinez Y Hernandez, the exhibition was opened to visitors.

The day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition performed on November 1st and 2nd each year. This festival, in which people gather with their families and friends to commemorate their loved ones who are no longer among them, connects pre-Hispanic cultures with the Catholic denomination.

For Mexicans, this special day is not a day to mourn; it is a day to be together to celebrate life. More than death is perceived as a kind of extinction, it is that the dead return to their loved ones in some form of being to be remembered. For this reason, this day is not for mourning, but for remembering.

Every year, mihrabs/altars are created in houses, cemeteries and public spaces to celebrate this day. Masks, costumes, papel picado (decorative papers), pan de muerto (a special kind of pastry) and calaveras de azucar (skulls of sugar) are made. The mihrabs are filled with photographs, food, and personal belongings loved by the dead; the graves are decorated with cempasuchil (Mexican marigold) and candles. The exhibition also includes an altar and an altar.

The day of the Dead is considered one of the most important values that Mexico has added to the world and has been recognized as the intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO since 2008.

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