News Center -TDO- Hosted by Suzuki Kazuhiro, Japan's Ambassador to Turkey, grants were provided to 10 projects under the “grant to Local Projects Program (GGP)”.

Ambassador Kazuhiro issued a message due to the grant program: “in 2021, it was decided to implement 10 attached projects that were selected as a result of a thorough review of more than 730 project applications and were eligible for grant support.

I sincerely wish that the projects that will be implemented under the grant program for local projects will be completed successfully and that these projects will support you in enriching your life.

Thanks to the projects selected this year, I would like to visit you in your region at an appropriate time with the reduction of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic process in order to further deepen bilateral relations at the local level between Japan and Turkey.  

Japan and Turkey have been friendly and strategically common countries throughout history. In 2024, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Turkey.

I hope that these projects will further deepen the friendly relations of the two countries.

The grant to Local Projects Program is a Japan-specific assistance system that supports non-profit organizations such as local governments, educational institutions and health organizations to conduct grant support activities to meet their various development needs. 65 projects have been realized in 35 provinces since 2001 and a total of 4 million 860 thousand dollars of grant support has been provided within the scope of the grant program for local projects being carried out in Turkey. In recent years, we have focused on 4 main areas: basic health, women's employment, education and Disaster Management; grant support is provided on issues such as providing a mobile health screening tool, establishing a vocational training center for women, improving the physical conditions of schools, and providing a search and rescue tool.

The Embassy of Japan will continue to provide such support in the coming period and will strive to improve the lives of the people at the local level and strengthen our ties. I sincerely wish you to remain healthy as the difficult process we are in continues.”

As part of the “grant to Local Projects Program” conducted by the embassy of Japan, it was decided to provide grant support for the following 10 projects in 2021:

(Projects Eligible For Grant Support)

Project to provide a mobile oral and dental health tool in Bergama

Mobile Breast Cancer Screening Tool Provision Project In Bor

Mobile Health Screening Tool Provision Project In Çekerek

Search and rescue vehicle provision project in çiftlikköy

Mobile Gynecology and Health Screening Tool provision project in eyyubiye

Project to provide vocational training workshop for women in Fatsa

Project To Provide Mobile Health Screening Tool In Karabük

Project to provide vocational training center for women in Laçin

Project To Provide Patient Transport In Söğütlü

Transportation Vehicle Supply Project for disabled people in Trabzon

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