Mustafa AY – TDO- On Wednesday, bombing assail targeting Pakistan elite police force standing for security of Sufi shrine “Data Darbar" in the second largest city Lahore unfolded. As a result of attack, at least 10 lost their lives as well as over 20 got either slightly or heavily wounded. Lahore's police chief Arif Nawaz stated that they immediately commenced an investigation to find out whether terrorist detonated 'improvised explosive device' or suicide attackers blew themselves up. Nawaz said that they stand on suspicion of that terrorists' actual target might likely be police Outpost, not the shrine itself. Finally, Pakistani Taliban's lower group called Hizbul Ahrar held accountable for the operation of bombing assault, announced provincial police chief.

The last and previous attack against Data Darbar shrine was perpetrated in 2010. In that attack, roughly 50 prayers lost their lives. Data Darbar shrine has been hosting sacred heritage /remains and body of well-known Sufi Abul Hassan Ali Hujwiri. For this reason, many Pakistanis and tourists reaching hundreds of thousands each year visit this shrine to pay their respect to him. Since the number of visitors is too high, Pakistani security forces intensify their precautions to avert prospective tragedies.

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