Serhat TUNAR -TDO- In Iraq, which has not survived the effects of war and terror for a long time, the sounds of music rose. Iraqi capital Baghdad's Shaab sports stadium "Riot Gear Summer Rush" party, especially the biker groups, including all Iraqi people danced with electro music.

Arshad Haybat, one of the founders of the Riot Gear organization, told reporters that the event was organized to show the world that there are people who love music and life in Iraq.

Previously held private parties, the company recently participated in this party, although the majority of men who participated in the party, even if the women drew attention.

21-year-old Mustafa Osama, who said that he attended a music festival for the first time in his life, told Reuters that he saw such concerts and parties only on television and films, but that he was very happy to participate in such an event in Iraq.

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