Serhat TUNAR -TDO -Today (Sunday), Spanish people are going to the polls for general elections. The outcome of the election is expected by unstable voters. According to the surveys, 40% of the voters have not yet decided which party to vote for.

As in all over Europe, the rise of anti-immigrant extreme right in Spain continues. The issue of Catalonia, unemployment, the economy and the immigration problem are the basis of the election debate.

In the previous years, political parties, who were warmly welcomed by coalition options, criticized each other and made serious accusations during this election period. For this reason, experts see the possibility of forming a coalition as a result of the election.

The polls show that the Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE), which is in power with the minority government, and the Podemos party, who backed him, would not be able to bring these two parties back to power.

As is known, the Spaniards will go to the polls on May 26 for the European Parliament elections.

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