Nuran YILDIRIM –TDO- On Tuesday 17 January, European Parliament's new president to replace Martin Schulz who is stepping down will be determined.

Candidates for the presidency were formally announced on Monday by former head of the parliament, Schulz.

In this context, Italian candidates Eleonora Forenza, Antonio Tajani and Gianni Pitella, British Jean Lambert, Belgian Guy Verhofstadt, Helga Stevens and Romanian Laurentiu Rebega nominated to become the new president of the European Parliament.

Thus, seven candidates competed in the elections held on Tuesday. In the elections in Strasbourg, candidates' election speeches and election process were broadcast live on social media.

Having confronted a wave of Eurosceptic populism, result of election…

With the participation of 751 parliamentarians, in the election which held in Strasbourg on Tuesday, İt was expected most likely to be won by Italian politician Antonio Tajani, a former spokesman for Italy's scandal-plagued ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi.

On the other hand, German socialist Martin Schulz, who plans to return to political life in Germany following his stepping down as head of Europe, is the first European president to return politics in his homeland.

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