News Center -TDO- El Salvador's Ambassador to Ankara, Hector Enrique Jaime Calderon, hosted a reception at the Ankara HiltonSA Hotel for the national day of El Salvador.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director for EU Affairs Ambassador Faruk Kaymakcı, ambassadors and distinguished guests attended the reception.

Ambassador Calderon, who made the opening speech, said: “This date has an important and historical value for El Salvador and Turkey as our Independence is celebrated for the first time on Turkish soil. I also congratulate our brothers and sisters in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico, where we are honored to celebrate our freedom together. Independence has opened the door for us to build our own history, our own development and our own identity. Two hundred years ago, our heroes left us a legacy that we continue to build with the determination of the Salvadorans and the support of friendly countries like Turkey; Therefore, it is an honor for me to represent my country in this land, which has a great historical heritage and enormous cultural richness. El Salvador and Turkey are separated by an ocean of distances, but there are many common feelings that support us: the fight for the well-being of our people, the fight for true independence based on nationalistic values ​​and respect. The actions our governments have developed this year are proof of the above: First, President Nayib Bukele's State Visit to Turkey in January. This visit, which was an important and fundamental visit, resulted in seven agreements signed in different strategic areas. Reflecting the strengthening of relations between El Salvador and Turkiye, other actions carried out this year include the opening of the El Salvador Embassy in Ankara, bilateral meetings between Foreign Ministers and the opening of the Turkish Embassy in San Salvador; The second one that President Erdogan promised within the framework of the presidential level meeting. "We are confident that we are witnessing the beginning of the consolidation of a true friendship between both nations that will translate into prosperity for our people," he said.

Delivering a speech at the reception, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director for EU Affairs Ambassador Faruk Kaymakcı celebrated El Salvador's national day.

Continuing his speech, Ambassador Kaymakçı stated that El Salvador celebrated the 200th anniversary of its independence last year and said, “Our bilateral relations have gained momentum in recent years thanks to the mutual opening of our Embassies and the historic visit of our esteemed Minister. During President Bukele's visit, our bilateral relations were broadly enhanced and the El Salvador Embassy in Ankara was officially opened. During his visit, I had the opportunity to meet and accompany President Bukele. After President Bukele's visit, we appointed our first Ambassador and the Turkish Embassy in San Salvador became operational in July this year. After the mutual opening of our embassies, we are determined to increase our economic and commercial relations. We see El Salvador as an important partner in Central America and we want to develop our relations in every possible way. We are pleased with our cooperation in regional and international platforms, especially the Central American Integration System. Before I finish my words, I would like to underline the increasing cooperation between our development agencies, TIKA and ESCO, and especially our contribution to Benjamin Bloom Children's Hospital in San Salvador. Long live Turkiye-EI Salvador friendship. Viva El Salvador,” he said.

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