Irem GÖL -TDO- Eight members of a German neo-Nazi cell have been jailed after a court found them guilty of forming a “terrorist organisation” that was planning a campaign of violence. The trial, which lasted six months, was closely watched in Germany where concern has been growing over an increasingly militant far-right scene.

A racist gunman shot dead nine people at a shisha bar and a cafe in the western city of Hanau last month, stunning the country and prompting the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, to urge citizens to resist the poison of xenophobia and hatred. Five of the defendants carried out a first attack on 14 September 2018, armed with glass bottles, weighted knuckle gloves and electroshock appliance that hurt several foreign residents in Chemnitz. The violence was believed to have been a test run for a larger attack on 3 October, the day Germany celebrates reunification. Prosecutors said the group wanted to upend German society through violent attacks and armed assaults against immigrants, political opponents, reporters and members of the economic establishment.

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