Robert Harneis – TDO –The threat of terrorism has touched the Eiffel tower. The Parisian tourist attraction is to be entirely surrounded by a bullet proof glass barrier. Not everybody thinks it is a good idea. A week after the machete attack on French soldiers at the Louvre, the City of Paris has announced the new security measure that will be installed in the autumn at an estimated cost of 20 million euros. It will be 2.5 meters high. Security forces have warned that the world-famous French landmark could be a prime target for terrorists.

Bernard Gaudillères, the President of the company that operates the tower, told Paris councilors that there would be ‘a bullet proof enclosure that would protect the bulk of the gardens under the tower’. He said it would replace the metal grill installed at the time of the European football Competition in 2016. This will improve the view.

However, the proposal has attracted considerable criticism on the internet. In particular, the idea of being enclosed and with no possibility of escape has been singled out. Others have asked where it will all end. Are we to have protective barriers around all of the great monuments of France’s capital city?

In fact, the proposal is part of a €300 million scheme to upgrade all the facilities with more lifts to cut down the notorious queues. The tower is visited by seven million visitors every year.

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