Selin ATAY-TDO- Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak said if current Prime Minister Netanyahu wins Tuesday’s general election, democracy in the country would be imperiled. 

Netanyahu was targeted at an election rally held by the Israeli Democratic Union in Tel Aviv. Former prime minister Barak said at the rally that if Netanyahu lost the election, he would come up with the claim that there was corruption at the election ballots.

Calling on Israeli voters to go to the polls, Barak said: “This election has critical importance for Israeli democracy. If Netanyahu wins the election, Israeli democracy will be compromised,” he said.

After the rally, Stav Shaffir, one of the leading figures in the Democratic Union of Israel, stated that as Netanyahu government was corrupted, the country's democracy was in danger.

“If a large number of voters cast ballots, the Netanyahu government could change so that we can preserve democracy, ”Shaffir said, by stressing that he hoped the vote rate in Tuesday's election would be very high.

According to Shaffir, the vast majority in Israel are opposed to the policies of the current government.“A large proportion of Israelis are in favor of peace and a two-state solution with the Palestinians”

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