Hatim Khan – 03.04.2018- Abdel Fattah Al Sisi has been re-elected as the President of Egypt. The results for the Egyptian Presidential election were announced on Monday and showed a landslide victory for Sisi who secured 97% of the total votes casted. Sisi had secured 97% of votes in the previous Presidential election held in 2014 as well; however, the voter turnout has dropped from 47% to around 41%.

The results of the election have not come as a surprise either to the Egyptian people or the rest of the world as Sisi faced no serious competition during the election. His only opponent for the election was Moussa Mustafa Moussa, the head of pro-government El-Ghad Party. Before unexpectedly announcing his run for the office on 29th January the last possible day for registration, Moussa had avidly supported the current President during his first term in office and had urged Sisi to run for Presidency in 2018 through the “Finish What You Started” campaign.

The announcement of Moussa to run for the elections came soon after most of the key challengers to Sisi either withdrew their names from the election or were imprisoned. Many human rights groups had called this election unfair and undemocratic and had accused the current government of using coercion and intimidation to eliminate serious opponent from running for elections. Human Rights Watch for instance published an article last February in which they said that Sisi’s government has “trampled over even the minimum requirements for free and fair elections”.

Sisi has constantly denied any such intentions and said “it is not my fault” that his opponents withdrew from the Presidential election. He further said, “I swear to God, I wished there would have been more candidates for people to choose who they want. But they were not ready yet; there is no shame in this".

Many world leaders have congratulated Sisi over his victory including leaders of western and regional allies of Egypt. President Donald Trump of the United States and King Salman of Saudi Arabia are a few leaders who called Sisi on Monday to personally express their support for the Egyptian President and desire to carry on collaborating with him in the sphere of foreign policy.

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