Selin ATAY-TDO- Mr Othman Jerandi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad, held a meeting with Egypt's Ambassador to Tunisia. During the meeting, Egypt and Tunisia discussed ways to increase cooperation between them in international and regional areas as part of supporting joint Arab action.

At the meeting, developments in the Arab region and the challenges it brings were discussed. In addition, strengthening coordination and consultation between the two countries on various Arab issues and regional and international common interest files underlined the importance of Tunisia's contribution to reaching an agreement on these issues in the light of its membership in the United Nations Security Council.

Praising the level of relations between Tunisia and Egypt on Thursday evening, the Tunisian Foreign Minister said bilateral cooperation should be increased and diversified to improve the level of talent and opportunity available in the two fraternal countries, Egypt's official news agency reported.

The Tunisian Foreign Minister said that intensive preparations for the upcoming bilateral benefits, especially the Tunisia-Egypt Joint Committee meeting scheduled for the end of 2021, are also very important to work together to mobilize initiatives and recommendations aimed at improving bilateral relations in various areas.

Egypt's ambassador, on the other hand, noted his country's willingness to improve relations with Tunisia and Egypt, and to increase ties of brotherhood and cooperation between the two countries. The Egyptian ambassador also pointed out that it is significant to invest in the capabilities available in the two countries in a way that increases cooperation between Tunisia and Egypt.

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