Selin ATAY-TDO-Egypt sent a formal letter to the UN Security Council calling for a complete rejection of the  signing of two memoranda of understanding (MoUs) by Turkey and Libya's UN-backed government prime ministers on maritime borders and security,

After the Egyptian President announced his support for the Libyan National Army, the Cairo administration sent a letter to the UNSC about the MoUs signed between Turkey and the Libyan Government of National.

Egypt urged the international community not to accept a memoranda of understanding specifically on maritime jurisdiction, arguing that the memorandum offered the possibility of Turkey sending arms to militias in western Libya and that it violate the UNSC's arms embargo on Libya.

President Recep Tayyip  Erdogan met with Fayez Al Sarraj, head of Libya’s internationally recognized government. According to a statement from the presidency, RecepT ayyip Erdogan and Fayez Serraj signed two MoUs on security and maritime boundaries in the Mediterranean.

As the current Government of National Accord lacks full representation of all the Libyan regions, the current government is a caretaker cabinet with limited powers, the Egyptian foreign ministry stated on November. "Such deals are not binding or affecting the interests and the rights of any third parties," it added.

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