News Center - TDO-Ecuador Embassy and Ecuador Trade Office organized an event in Ankara HiltonSA to taste and promote coffee and chocolate flavors, one of Ecuador's most important export products.

Daniel Vargas, Commercial Attaché Gabriel Pena, ambassadors and other guests attended to the event.

In his opening speech, charge d'affaires Daniel Vargas said: "We are very pleased to be with you as the Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador in Turkey and its Trade Office in Ankara as we savor our delicious coffee and chocolate.”

One of the oldest products in the Latin American region, coffee is becoming more and more important in Ecuador. Today, it is one of the strongest products in the country.

Thanks to its geographical location, the coffee production in Ecuador is definitely one of the best coffees in the world. Ecuadorian coffee is produced in 21 out of 24 regions, including private brands created on the Galapagos Islands.

One of the main features of our coffee is the unique concentrated taste that is produced in commercial products with Arabica, Golden and Robusta varieties.

On the other hand, I would like to share with you the knowledge that the first cocoa drink was prepared from beans produced in our rain forests in Zamora Chinchipe and Marahon culture 5500 years ago. Today, different chocolate brands are being developed in the market due to their increasing appreciation of quality, variety of flavor and features on a national scale.

Today's taste gives you an example of what our best coffee is, and gives us the opportunity to bring the "food of the gods" (this is our chocolate) from gastronomic Olympus and to make friendships on every corner of the planet. ”

In his speech, Commercial Attaché Gabriel Pena said, “I want to talk to you about Ecuador's chocolate, which is characterized by the best cocoa aroma in the world. For Ecuador, which ranks fourth as a cocoa bean producer, product tracking and monitoring represents an important and remarkable feature in terms of following the global trend. In this way, Ecuadorian chocolate is produced as SINGLE OR SINGLE PLANT or chocolate bars where the production of a region is emphasized and even where the product is produced even under individual plantations.

In 2018, Ecuador exported 2,000 tons of chocolate at an estimated FOB price of $ 25 million, of which 19% were big, 81% were small and medium-sized. Our chocolate bars (bars) are offered in packages of 35, 50,70,80 and 100 grams.

Our chocolate industry is almost new. In 2004, first-class chocolate bar production was realized in our country and chocolate production is growing and growing. Our chocolate industry, which already has many brands in Ecuador and the global market, has a wide range of production including dark, milk chocolate, white chocolate, medicinal plants and dried fruit. For example, Pacari has won the "International Chocolate Award" twice in London. So I can say that we have the best chocolate in the world in Ecuador.

In addition, some Turkish brands such as Divan and Eti produce chocolate using Ecuadorian cocoa beans, which shows that our cocoa quality is increasingly recognized worldwide for chocolate production.”

The event ended with tasting Ecuadorian coffee and chocolates.

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