Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Our world could have another tiny moon. Astronomers have found that a new satellite has been orbiting our earth for the past three years. Discovered on February 15th, this celestial body the size of just a car is thought to be an asteroid orbiting in regular orbit, caught in the gravitational pull of our planet.

This tiny 3.5-meter-wide satellite was discovered by two people, Kacper Wierzchos and Teddy Pruyne, as part of the NASA-funded Catalina Sky Survey project.

Kacper Wierzchos, one of the discoverers, announced the incident on his social media account as "big news." Wierzchos also shared that the name of this tiny satellite in orbit is 2020 CD3, a carbon-weighted very dark-colored asteroid in C-tpine.

The 2020 CD3 is thought to have moved three years ago, influenced by the triple gravity of Earth, Moon and Sun, and ultimately orbited near our planet. How long the asteroid will remain there is unclear for now. In a short period of time, it is indicated that it may be back out of orbit and heading towards the Sun.

2020 CD3 is the second celestial body observed to have become a satellite of our planet in the history of astronomy. The first was another asteroid, RH120, which was detected in 2006 under the same project and has been orbiting the Earth for less than a year.

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