İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- Center-Right leader Mark Rutte from VVD won the elections and far-right, Islamophobic leader Geert Wilders from PVV became the second party in the Dutch election which was conducted yesterday.

Rutte’s VVD Party von about 33 seats in the cabinet  and probably seek to have meetings  with  the Christian Democrats (centre to centre-right) and Democrats 66 (economic: centre-right, social: centre-left), each will send about 19 representatives to the Parliament, consistent of 150 MP’s. Moreover, the surprise of the elections was Green-Left, GroenLinks Party, leaded by Jesse Klaver, gained additional four seats and got 14 at all. It may be another subject of coalition talks with VVD.

Although, it has gained the second-biggest number of seats (20 seats) in the parliament, it seems Geert Wilders‘s radical, populist ‘Party for Freedom’ will not be able to have a seat in negotiation table. 

Result of the elections was celebrated by various politicians all over the Europe and determined as a victory against populism and extremism. For instance François Hollandewrote on his Twitter account as it was a “clear victory against extremism”. Additionally, the prime minister of Denmark where similar populist radicalism is risingin, Lars Lokke Rasmussen congratulated Rutte as the last leader in the European continent.

After his triumph in the elections Rutte said ‘’ After Brexit, after the US elections, the [Dutch] people have said no to another country where the domino stone of the wrong side of populism would topple over ’’.

On the other hand, ‘’bad-man’’ of the elections, Wilders tweeted as ‘’ Very proud of all our voters, more than 1 million Dutch citizens! Thanks! 12 years after establishment, PVV the second party of all! Great!!’’

Dutch elections proved that populism and radicalism is a serious threat and it may be able to destroy EU. Hopefully, German and French voters will do the same with Dutch voters and not let radicalism to encircle Europe. Don’t forget, Europe knows how be divided. 

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