Selin ATAY-TDO-The Dutch government has decided to stop describing itself as Holland which historically refers to the region on the west coast of the country and will instead use only its real name – the Netherlands – as part of an attempted update of its global image.

The Dutch government has decided to use the name 'Netherlands' as the country's official name as part of a plan to reshape its global image. The national rebranding, which has been signed up to by business leaders, the tourist board and central government, will be rolled out later this year.

Ministers want to shift the international focus from certain aspects of national life with which the country is commonly associated, such as its recreational drug culture and the red-light district of Amsterdam. While the image of the country is shaped by the name 'Netherlands', it is thought that the negative prejudices that are identical with the country will end.

As part of the new strategy, the Netherlands will be the official brand at the Eurovision song contest, which takes place in Rotterdam next May.

A spokeswoman for the ministry of foreign affairs said the Netherlands needed a more uniform and coordinated national branding. She said: “We want to present the Netherlands as an open, inventive and inclusive country. We’ve modernized our approach.

She said the government was taking a user-friendly and pragmatic approach to its name in order to boost exports, tourism, sport and spread “Dutch culture, norms and values”. She said: “It has been agreed that the Netherlands, the official name of our country, should preferably be used.”

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