Gökhan ŞEKEROĞLU – TDO – 15.02.2018 The Foreign Minister of the Netherlands, Halbe Zijlstra resigns after his lie about joining a meeting held by the Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2006 is exposed.

According to Deutsche Welle’s report, Zijlstra admitted his lie last Monday and had to answer the questions of the Parliament which urgently gathered the next day due to his confession. Zijlstra announced that he will submit his resignation letter to King Willem Alexander.

‘’It was the biggest mistake I made in my career’’ he said. He stated that his trustworthiness was damaged after this occurence and he could no longer continue his career.

In a meeting held by the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) in 2016, Zijlstra stated that he joined a meeting held by Putin in 2006 regarding an alleged ‘’Greater Russia’’ plan that includes some of Russia’s neighbours in it.

Zijlstra who worked for the Dutch based oil company Shell in 2006 claimed to have joined Putin’s gathering as an assistant to Jeroen Van Der Veerto. the CEO of Shell.

On Monday Zijlstra admitted that he did not join the meeting held by Putin in 2006. He further stated that someone who has joined the meeting told him about the ‘’Greater Russia’’ plan. He said he should not have tried to lie about the meeting so as to not expose the identity of his source and that he is sorry.

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