An environmentalist group named “Milieudefensie (Environmental Defense)” in Holland have sued the Dutch government over poor air quality after tests had been carried out at 58 sites across the country. The lawsuit will allow the group to air its grievances over pollution in court.
A lawsuit filed by the Amsterdam-based Milieudefensie group alleges that the Netherlands exceeds the legal standards for air quality and is violating fundamental human rights. The group also demands that the country complies to European Union standards within six months.
At this stage the European Union standards on air quality are still exceeded in great number of places due to high concentrations of particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide that is caused by traffic and agriculture. According to Milieudefensie, this poor air quality leads to thousands of people dying earlier. This has to stop, the organization demands.
Milieudefensie' campaign manager Anne Knol said in a statement that, air pollution causes thousands of deaths every year, and leaves tens of thousands of people seriously ill. This situation is unacceptable.
Urgenda, another Dutch environmental rights group, gained success with a similar lawsuit last year. The court ruled that the Netherlands has to reduce greenhouse gasses by a quarter by 2020.
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