Mustafa AY – TDO – 23.08.2017 In Denmark, that an inventor named Peter Madsen constructed a homemade submarine ‘Nautilus’ intrigues many Europeans. For this reason, many journalists turned their eyes on this appealing story like how he managed to construct such a tough machine self-sufficiently.

Kim Wall, a Sweden journalist, could get a chance to arrange an interview with Madsen, while onboard. She left home in 11 August to have an interview with the inventor, but never came back. In 11 August when police investigation commenced after her boyfriend told police about her missing, Madsen was taken into custody for interrogation. In accordance with the testimony of Madsen to the officials during interrogation, Wall lost her life in an unintended accident during onboard. In the aftermath of the accident, Madsen allegedly threw her body into the sea, and then buried her. Following official question directing to Madsen like “where did you bury her?”, he uttered “I can’t say exactly where I buried”. Despite almost 2 months elapsing over her missing, the officials can’t find out any sign of her body.

There are some serious contradictions related to Peter Madsen’ testimony to officials. According to Madsen’s testimony to the court, he buried her body to Koge Bay where is located on 50 km South of Danish capital Copenhagen. In addition, he said that he can’t remember the exact location of Wall’s body. Following his testimony, Jens Moller Jensen –Copenhagen Police Department Spokesman- told in press conference “I believe in his words. He told us the truth”. However, there are some serious contradictory details emerging from his testimony insomuch that he did not bring her dead body to the officials, although she lost her life in an unintended accident. This raises doubts over him as he voluntarily slaughtered her. Besides this detail, a couple of days on her missing, the crew of submarine “Nautilus” were reportedly evacuated by Madsen, after Madsen said the crew “there is damage in the ballast tank. Nautilus is sinking. Get out of the submarine”. This joint statement by the crew led the court to conjure up the possibility that he may have sunk deliberately the submarine so that he could have covered up evidence about Wall’s homicide. Today, this doubt inevitably stimulated court. The court decreed the official technicians to search for whether the submarine was deliberately damaged or not. 

On Monday, a cyclist found a dead body without head, arms and legs, and then informed police about the murder. However, police officials can’t identify whose body is that for now. That’s why the police officials can’t inform the family of the victim. But, police officials have suspicion concerning that the body may belong to Kim Wall.

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