İrem UZUN -TDO- A family court in Dubai has suspended all personal legal services, including attestations of marriage contracts and divorce certificates, as part of the UAE's latest measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus.  The Personal Status Court in Dubai said on Tuesday that it was suspending all legal services related to family matters until further notice.

Dubai's justice department said Wednesday that the decision was among the "measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic" rolled out in the emirate which is under a strict lockdown. The court said the decision was based on the rules of Islamic jurisprudence, which state: "Repelling an evil is preferable to securing a benefit".

Polygamy is allowed in the country, with men allowed to have four wives at the same time, in accordance with Islamic law. Khaled al-Hawsni of the family court also said on the department's website that couples who have already completed marriage formalities must not organize wedding parties "even among their immediate circles". 

The United Arab Emirates has recorded more than 2,000 cases of the coronavirus, and 12 deaths. In that regard, the UAE has suspended all social gatherings and weddings, as well as all social activities, in its attempt to limit the spread of the coronavirus and safeguard public health.

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