Serhat TUNAR -TDO- In Dubai, which aims to rid itself of the economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus outbreak and revive tourism, laws on the sale and possession of alcohol are being loosened.

During the stay-at-home period due to the outbreak, two major alcohol distributors in Dubai began distributing legal alcohol to homes for the first time in hopes of boosting sales. The city government has announced it is changing the system that gives residents legal permission to buy.

Under the law, non-Muslims are required to carry red plastic cards issued by Dubai Police, which allow them to buy, carry and consume alcoholic beverages. Previously, non-Muslim employees had the right to prevent employers from receiving cards, even if they met the requirements. In addition, restrictions on salary-based purchases were eased.

Along with the new card system, tourists and visitors will be allowed to purchase alcohol using only their passports, and the law that causes visitors to be arrested for possession of alcohol will be abolished.

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