İrem UZUN -TDO- At least 38 people have been killed after a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight crashed Friday in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, according to Health Minister Azra Fazal. The airline's CEO Marshal Arshad Malik said at a news conference that the flight from Lahore was carrying 99 passengers and crew members in total, revising down a higher figure given by Pakistan's Aviation Ministry earlier. The plane did not hit any buildings and no one on the ground appears to have been killed, Malik told reporters in Karachi on Friday. “The plane landed in a lane”, he added.

The reason of the crash is still unknown, however one civil aviation official told Reuters that the plane may have been unable to lower its undercarriage. Images posted on social media appeared to show scorch marks under both engines, with no undercarriage visible on approach. Audio record of the conversation between air traffic control and a pilot was published by Pakistani media outlets, in which the pilot is heard saying the plane has "lost engines". An air traffic controller asks whether it is going to carry out a "belly landing", to which the pilot replies "mayday, mayday, mayday,” which is the final communication from the plane.

Local and international politicians reacted to the crash. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he was deeply saddened by the loss of lives in the crash. He offered condolences to the families of those who died and wished the injured a speedy recovery. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote "The news from Pakistan this morning is devastating," adding that Canadians were keeping Pakistanis in their thoughts.  Turkish Foreign Ministry published a statement, saying “We receive the news with deep sorrow that a Pakistan International Airlines plane crashed into a residential area close to Jinnah Airport in Karachi resulting in the loss of many lives”. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Russian President Vladimir Putin were among the leaders who offered their condolences.

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