İlknurŞebnemÖzemel-TDO-  Taliban has demanded that President Donald Trump withdraw remaining US forces from Afghanistan, claiming responsibility for ending the 15-year conflict "rests on his shoulders". 

Nevertheless, Omar Samad, the former ambassador to France and Canada, has told that there’s little chance to reverse US policy in the country.

Samad said "I don't see why the US would disengage quickly. It would be a terrible strategic move, contrary to US interests, spelling trouble for the Afghan government, emboldening the Taliban and other terror groups in and around Afghanistan to take more drastic measures, producing regional instability".

We are all observing Trump from the beginning of his presidential campaign. Although his main focus was economics and   migration, he criticized former American policy on the Middle East, specifically, the strategy of training and arming local militias to indirectly achieve military, political and economic goals in the region.

Nevertheless, Samad argued that this can be beneficial in fighting against Deash. He highlighted that The Islamic world is potentially best ally of U.S. in the fight against localized terrorism, since they are its primary victims.

Moreover, he added that Afghanistan welcomes the appointment of General Michael Flynn who is US national security adviser and James Mattis who is US Defense Secretary.

He concluded his speech as "Afghans are hopeful, the experience these generals have in region will help shape policy in a realistic, effective manner. Past policy was wishy-washy. It didn't identify risk factors, or change them. Flynn and Mattis are familiar with the Taliban. We know where their sanctuaries can be bound, where their support lies, and who their allies are. This perspective will allow the generals to take a strategic view and adopt the policies necessary for dealing with the group”.

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