İlknur Şebnem Öztemel – DG – Yesterday, new president of USA, Donald Trump, told ABC News in an interview that he would absolutely establish safe zones in Syria, for refugees fleeing violence in the country. He added "I don't want that to happen here". In the draft document, it says "to protect the American people from terrorist attacks by foreign nationals,"

It is expected that unlike his predecessor, Trump will order the Pentagon and the State Department in coming days to craft about it. Obama administration hesitated to intervene to Syria, fearing the potential for being pulled deeper into the conflict and a probable confrontation with Russian planes.

Also, it is asserted that Trump would impose a 30-day suspension of the entry of immigrants from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Moreover, new administration demand countries to provide adequate information about their nationals living in US. Unless they do so within 60 days, their citizens may be blocked from entering the United States. Of course, this would exclude diplomatic visas, NATO visas and visas for travel to the United Nations. Besides, U.S. refugee program may be suspended for 120 days in order to give time officials to study the process and determine whether additional checks are necessary or not.

During his presidential campaign, Trump called for no-fly zones to create other choices for Syrian refugees to migrate Europe and USA. However, he did not give any detail except saying Gulf states to pay it.

Each American government orders something regarding other states. Bush ordered to invade Afghanistan without exhausting all diplomatic measures as he refused to talk with those ‘’monsters’’[1]. invaded Iraq as they ‘’have ‘’ [2] weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s). Obama became president to ‘’heal’’ injured charisma of U.S in the Middle East, hesitated to go deep into the politics, rather than supporting debatable ‘’local’’ [3]groups on the ground. Obama’s policy about the region deepened the problem as fighting groups forced to fight side by side. Trump probably won the elections thanks to his protectionist thoughts.  Now he demands Mexico to pay for wall to prevent U.S. from refugees, create safe zones for Syrian refugees after millions flee to neighboring states, also planned Gulf states to pay for it. Furthermore, he threatens World to impose border taxes to firms that produce abroad. For approximately seven decades USA encourage other states to open their borders, open their economy, be more transparent about issues that may be determined as ‘’national security issues’’ and punished[4] them unless they cooperate. Now, USA do what it ‘’prohibits’’ other states to do. 

I want to ask why they regretted President Erdoğan’s request to create buffer zones in Syria at the time? Now there are about three million Syrian refugees in Turkey, about one and a half million in Lebanon and many others in Jordan, Iraq and Europe. These countries left alone with the economic burden of all these people. I believe very little of them will turn back to their homes even there will be safe zones for them in Syria. Abruptly, Trump revealed his true views about Syrian conflict, after a long period of silence about the issue. Syria has already been the center of anarchy. There are ongoing border clashes between Kurdish terrorists in the North, several radical Islamists, Shiite forces and regime forces, supported by Russia and Iran. This seems like a move just to counter increasing Russian impact in Mediterranean and the Middle East. Also, what will happen to Kurdish forces? What about Turkish concerns- an allie’s concerns? Will it be the same with the Northern Iraq? I guess American government thinks ‘’the wind is fair’’ again.



[1] His famous speech about ‘’axis of evil’’-in January 2002.

[2] Chilcot Report which was released in last summer, argues that there were not enough proofs about the existence of WMD’s in Iraq.

[3] Previos American President, Barack Obama, said that they would solve the problem with providing strategic support to local groups, including YPG.

[4]  Punishment via diplomatic and economic measures such as; discrediting the state in international arena, imposing ambargo, block the flow of FDI, block their membership to international uniojns, charities etc.

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