The Democracy-Dictatorship Measure assumes that Argentina was a democratic country during 1946 and 1954 because Juan Domingo Peron, chosen as chief commander of Argentina in 1945, established a vibrant and strict will and provided his citizens with many rights by changes in constitution for their citizen such as enfranchisement of woman. By this way, Peron met 4 conditions of DD indicator used for classification (the chief executive is elected, the legislature is elected, there is more than one party competing in the elections, an alteration in power under identical electoral rules has taken place) hold. However, according to Polity IV indicator, Argentina was a dictator country during that time because these changes in constitution strengthened totalitarian understanding of Domingo Peron owing to the fact that he also expanded his authority by these constitutional amendments.
By Can Güzelcan – Asst. Prof. Aida Just
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