According to the Independent News, The United Nations General Assembly has voted a proposal to conduct unilateral negotiations in 2017 about a legally binding norm for  total prevention of nuclear weapons. Campaigners argue that it is the next logical step after banning land mines, cluster bombs, chemical and biological weapons.  In the Assembly, 123 countries voted in favor of negotiations and 38 countries voted against, including nuclear weapon owner states UK, US, France and Russia. There are 27 NATO member states out of 38 which voted against the resolution.
Since famous speech of Reagan at the ‘Atoms for Peace’ conference in 1953, peaceful usage of nuclear technology has been debated much, mainly by western powers. In 1957 International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has established to observe and control nuclear activities of states. Under the stress of the Cold War various states worked for and secretly against to nuclear proliferation. France (1960), China (1964) and Israel (1967) tried to strengthen their nuclear capabilities. In June 1968, United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) created a draft resolution 2373 for Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).  In 1970 it had entered to force without the sign of five nuclear powers US, UK, USSR, China and France. Throughout the 90’s, many  second and third world countries like Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and South Africa tried to increase their nuclear capabilities. In 1993 North Korea announced his withdrawal of NPT.  On 30 May 1995, 25th review meeting of NPT it has been declared that it has been extended indefinitely.
Consequently, it can be said that nuclear powers, starting with USA, do not really want to give an end for nuclear armament but they mainly seek to protect status quo and avoid the spread of nuclear capabilities. Actually, UNGA resolution 1665 in 1961 which has been accepted as the basis of NPT orders nuclear powers to refrain from relinquishing the control of nuclear weapons and transmitting information to other states. Did not foresee a total ban on nuclear weapons.
İlknur Şebnem Öztemel

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