Mustafa AY – TDO – 13.09.2017 Prevailing airway corporation of Germany, Air Berlin, had to cancel around 100 flight on account of that 250 pilot of the corporation reportedly developed disease. Air Berlin announced its bankruptcy last month and has been preparing for its sale by an auction in the next week.

In the previous days, Air Berlin personnel launched a strike in Berlin Tegel airport, Düsseldorf airport and Air Berlin headquarter. Because of the strike, Air Berlin was supposed to make cancellation of 42 of its flights, which led the passengers to be stranded with suitcases in the airports. Vereinigung Cockpit – a collective bargaining group of German pilots, engineers and technicians – stated that Air Berlin is planning to put its long-haul flights for sale. The aeronautical syndicate added that Air Berlin’s situation is very bad to describe how it is. The corporation cannot seemingly pay the wages of the personnel because wages are high in long-haul flights. Beginning from September 25, Air Berlin announced that it will stop its flights to Boston and Caribbean.

Air Berlin made an official explanation about the loss of corporation as 800 million Euros in 2016. Etihad, 30% owner of Air Berlin, invested 250 million Euros in the bleeding corporation. In the face of unfavorable progress in the corporation, Etihad airways halted its investment in Air Berlin so that it could recover from the ongoing financial losses.      

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