Mustafa AY – TDO – 06.02.2018 The ongoing uproar amidst Poland and Israel concerning ‘holocaust bill’ on Polish parliament’s agenda has come in a new stage. The ruling Law and Justice Party in Polish parliament presented a law proposal to outlaw blaming Poland on taking part in the systematic holocaust campaign of Nazi Germany. In addition, Poland with this bill is trying to outlaw the usage of words like ‘Polish death camps’, which would mislead world community to misdeem Poland as villains. Following that, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced Poland and found the bill unfair. Afterwards, Israel took the objective step against Poland by requesting the postponement of the head of Polish National Security Council’ official trip to Israel.

Israel’s attitude exhibited against Polish government has just been retaliated with the move of cancelling Israeli National Education Minister’s official trip to Poland, which was scheduled on Wednesday. Israeli Minister Naftali Bennett criticized Poland’s move of cancellation of his official trip with these utters: “Nazi Germany constructed many death camps in Poland. In these Polish death camps, the dreadful ethnic carnage executed against Polish Jews lead 200.000 of them to lose their lives. The dreadful terror of Nazis against Polish Jews was witnessed by Polish people and even some voluntarily took part in this systematic crime of humanity. We’ll not allow Poland to get rid of this shame and responsibility. I don’t hesitate for a moment to blame Poland on this issue. Actually, I’m honored to do that.”

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