Mustafa AY – TDO – 29.07.2017 The relationship between USA and Russia witnessed long-lasting disputes covering whether Russia operated cyber-attacks on US Presidency election in 2016. Then, this threatened reemergence of Cold War among those countries. Normalization process, which Obama administration embarked on for the purpose of alleviating the severity of mutual hostility, has just been sabotaged with the echoed claims telling that Kremlin intervened into elections by cyber-attack. However, these claims were seen as unfounded, but disturbing by Obama, insomuch that Obama had to order FBI to conduct probe for surfacing what’s happened really. It took almost 3 months which shows the fact that Obama did not want to put the process at stake by biting on the claims, initially. However, following FBI’s substantiating findings, ex-President released presidential decree leading up the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats. Besides, Obama legitimately enforced sanctions over FSB and GRU, Russian Intelligence Agencies, and 3 companies supplying material goods for GRU’s cyber-attacks on presidential elections. In return, Russia opted for remaining indifferent to the progress commenced by USA at the final times when Trump was about to succeed in the office. So, Putin seemingly waited for Trump and hoped to get rid of this drawback with his counterpart. But the process, Putin hoped to be in, adventitiously developed. On the grounds that, James Comey, FBI Director, put pressure on the newly elected and that shady Trump administration. That James Comey managed the course of investigation concerning Trump-Putin relationship, obstructed the process Putin wanted to reinstate. But, Comey’s effort to hold Trump in repression resulted in Trump’s move of firing Comey. That was the bad decision that Trump was coerced to give. Dismissal of Comey triggered that Senate retook Trump-Putin probe in hand.

US Senate voted for parliamentary bill prescribing to enforce new sanction over Russia, Iran and North Korea. The result was 98 ‘yes’ against 2 ‘no’. However, the bill is waiting for Presidential approval so that it could be implemented. The result of voting points out an interesting detail that is bipartisanship. Even though the bill needed absolute majority, the consequence was the overwhelming vote ‘for’ bill, which shows both Republicans and Democrats ‘really’ wanted to pass the bill. Especially, It is evident that Republicans’ step to compromise with Democrats in voting bothered Trump, no doubt for sure. Yet, Democrats revealed the clandestine deal amidst Trump and Putin and then accused Trump of plotting the elections with the aid of Russia. Following this accusation, Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor, resigned his duty. Flynn’s resignation occupied the minds of American constituents as “what if it is true”. That’s why, Republicans succumbed to these skeptical incident. They have been striving for retaining their political image in the eyes of their voters, in case of direct interaction of Trump with Kremlin. If Trump’s direct interaction with Putin was substantiated, Republican’s support for the bill would help them preserving their political reputation.

So, what are the rationales of the Senate lying behind the bill against Russian? They are;

  1. Moscow’s interference into 2016 Presidential elections,
  2. Illegitimate annexation of Ukrainian soils by Russian forces, namely, breaching a peaceful country’s sovereignty (US authorities justify so),
  3. Backup for Esad Regime in his civilian carnage and lead the exacerbation of Syrian infighting.

All these rationales of USA stimulated Russian Foreign Ministry. Ministry’s spokesman, Mariya Zaharova, stated that they retaliated against Washington by suspending the usage of two compounds of US embassy to Moscow. Russia’s move made the revision of bilateral relationships impossible for now.  

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