Serhat TUNAR -TDO- A 12-foot skeleton of a dinosaur named Stan has sold for $ 31.8 million at auction. The skeleton is known as the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex relic ever found.

The price for the T-Rex, sold by Auction Company Christie's in New York, ranged from $ 6 to $ 8 million, but the auction, which opened at $ 3 million, reached $ 31 million in 20 minutes.

Discovered in 1987 near Buffalo, South Dakota, 188 pieces of bone were joined by paleontologists in about 3 years. Stan was on display at the Black Hills Geological Survey Institute until it was sold.

The replicas of Stan, who is estimated to have died in his 20s about 60 million years ago, are on display in museums as a T-Rex model.

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