Diana Adzhykeldiieva – TDO – In Norway, from 11 January will begin a gradual closing of radio stations in the FM-band: after a few months the big radio stations that can be caught on a regular receiver, in the Scandinavian country will not remain at all.

Norway - the first country in the world that is completely converted to digital radio and closes obsolete FM - but most Norwegians do not support such a decision.

Unsubscribe from FM-radio in Norway decided nearly two years ago. In April of 2015 the Norwegian government announced its decision to become the first country in the world without the FM-broadcasting. To do this, it was required to perform some important conditions. Firstly, public broadcaster NRK had to embrace digital broadcasting 99.5% of the country. Second, at least half of the listeners had to listen to the radio on a daily basis in a digital format. Third, in the market should appear adapters available for digital radio in cars. Thus, Norway waives FM, making sure that its citizens are ready for digital radio.

All broadcasting in Norway will be digital. In the FM-band, only five national radio stations now working in Norway - plus regional, whereas DAB digital format allows transmitting a signal for more than 40 stations. Already available in a digital format over 20 stations. In Norway, there is no problem with stationary receivers, which allow to receive the digital signal is much worse things with machines: only 20% of cars are equipped with receivers DAB-signal.

There are many benefits of a digital signal, the Norwegian authorities claim:broadcasting cheaper to maintain and more reliable, especially in the fjord areas where mountains hamper the passage of FM-signal. The sound quality is also better at DAB. 

Turn off the FM-radio will be gradual. On January 11 the traditional radio will cease to be available in Bodo in northern Norway, and then for the entire 2017 will disable and other regions. By year end, the national broadcasting stations in the FM cease altogether, and local radio stations will be able to use the analog broadcasting for several years.

Norwegians against. About two-thirds of the citizens of Norway, according to polls, are dissatisfied with the refusal of the FM-broadcasting. Many fear that they will not have access to emergency signals that transmit on FM-stations and others complain about the need to buy an expensive adapter for the reception of digital radio in the car. The main opponents of the transition to digital - elderly Norwegians, the newspaper notes; young people more sympathetic to the abandonment of FM.

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