Selin ATAY-TDO- The chief suspect in the video scandal that led to the collapse of Austria's coalition government in 2019 and the country's early elections has been detained in the German capital, Berlin.

Austria has issued a European Arrest Warrant for the suspect. Vienna has said it will ask Berlin to extradite the chief perpetrator of the Ibiza scandal to face trial in his country.

According to Austrian media reports, "Julian H.", who worked as a private detective, was wanted for the crimes of secretly recording and publishing images taken on the Spanish island of Ibiza, which led to the collapse of the government.

A coalition government was formed in 2017 between Heinz Christian Strache, former leader of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPL) and former deputy prime minister, and the Austrian People's Party led by Sebastienn Kurz. However, the coalition government collapsed after the scandalous video footage emerged in May 2019.

The video, which recorded a conversation between Heinz Christian Strache and the woman who identified herself as the niece of a Russian oligarch, features conversations about top Austrian politicians about who is gay, who smokes cocaine and where they buy it. Strache, the former deputy prime minister, also admits in camera footage that Austria's biggest business people have made direct and indirect large donations to his own party.

In the six-hour video, Strache also talks about getting funding from Russian oligarchs and recycling dirty money to win the next election. Strache said in a statement after the video scandal that he was "drunk and lost control under the influence of an intimate environment" at the time the video was shot.

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