Egypt “Fact”, Algeria and Tunisia to attend the Cairo meeting on Libya

Adel Tayari – TDO – (TUNISIA) Launched, Saturday, March 18th,in the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States in Cairo, the work of the private Libyan crisis quadrilateral Joint Meetingafter accession to the European Union to resolve the Libyan crisis initiative, with the absence of Tunisia and Algeria, despite the fact that Tunisia is the first owner of the initiative, while Algeria was the first one who expressed their willingness to support the initiative.

Participants in this meeting the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, and the representative of the United Nations, Martin Kobler, and the Special Representative of the African Union, Libya, and former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, and the represented foreign and security policy of the European Union, Federica Mugireny. The meeting will discuss the efforts to solve the Libyan crisis.This is the first meeting of the Quartet and the European Union is after her accession, in order to accelerate the efforts of the solution and to convince the Libyan parties to accept a political agreement

the meeting is scheduled to discuss, the joint communications that can be carried out by four organizations with the Libyan parties to encourage them to resume the political dialogue and to reach compromise solutions contentious points to the implementation of the Libyan political agreement signed in Skhirat in Morroco  in addition to coordinate these efforts with the Libyan neighboring countries.

At the forefront of Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria, recently launched a tripartite initiative to advance the political dialogue between the various parties Libyans. And is an absence of Tunisia, Algeria, and two led the initiative since its launch in 2016, puzzling, especially after the emergence of some of the points of contention in the positions of the neighboring countries themselves on some Libyan parties, including Khalifa Haftar and Akila Salah of the Libyan political agreement.

It is worth mentioning that it has signed a signature "Tunis Ministerial Declaration" in support of a comprehensive political settlement in Libya, which will be the participation of all Libyan parties on Monday   20 February 2017 and the pillars of the agreement continue to strive to achieve a comprehensive reconciliation without exclusion in the framework of and adherence to the unity of Libya dialogue and reject any military solution to any outside interference in the internal affairs of Libya, as it was stressed that includes all parties to the dialogue, whatever the orientation while maintaining the unity of the Libyan army .. However, he apparently there is a Support from Egypt to Khalifa Haftar no one else among all Libyan parties, and it is proven by the bilateral deal, especially those on the military level, between the parties. Recently, Major General has said that there is coordination between his troops and the Egyptian army significantly since that Sisi came to power stressing that if it were supported by President Sisi been able troops to survive until now, pointing to military cooperation, and that "the Egyptian authorities to monitor the border by land and air with Libya." . For his part, Secretary of National Security Council of the Egypt Khaled Bakly that his country has trained forces of Hafter.

It is reported that Tunisia had presented an initiative through chaired a regular session of the Arab League Council at the ministerial level, which was held in Cairo,in September2016 aims to activate the role of the Arab League to help overcome the current situation in Libya, and overcome the difficulties that prevent the completion of the rest of the political agreement benefits.. The head of the Republic of Tunisia Beji Caid Essebsi has pointed to the summit in comments broadcast channel "Euro News" on the December 2016, he said that Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt wish to Libya back to its former freshness, and avoid the division, calling for a meeting between the countries which has a direct connection to parametric and geographical and economic security with Libya.. And lead both Tunisia and Algeria intensive diplomatic moves in order to search for a way out of the Libyan impasse and to reach a result that satisfy all parties and lay the Libyan country to safety, and to reach political understandings Keep the danger of infighting and chaos because the Libyan crisis he did not ever file represents the focus of attention among its neighboring countries since the deterioration of the situation on the Libyan territory and entered into a state of chaos and conflicts between the various warring parties.

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