İrem GÖL -TDO- South Koreans went to the polls for the parliamentary elections despite the coronavirus threat. Under the extraordinary circumstances, voters were required to abide by the strict guidelines. They were asked to use hand sanitizers and plastic gloves, and keep the physical distance.  The temperature of the voters was checked on arrival to the polling stations. About 14,000 polling stations were prepared for the voters and they were open at 6am after careful health checks. 2,800 coronavirus patients voted by mail and more than 13,000 people who were self-quarantined due to coronavirus suspicions voted after the polls are closed for the rest of the voters.

According to the polls carried out by the local TV networks, it is expected for the ruling party to prolong their tenancy even though there were a lot of corruption scandals surrounding political allies. Yet, the response to the outbreak may have increased the support for Moon’s presidency.  South Korea is one of the few countries which were to risk to hold elections since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Many other countries decided to postpone the elections.

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