In speech at Chatham House, Britain’s foreign secretary Boris Johnson underlined that the cult of the strongman is taking hold around the globe while the democracy is declining.

The speech at Chatham House is very important in terms of strengthening Johnson's reputation as someone at the heart of the cabinet’s discussions of Brexit, as well as giving the outline of Johnson’s policy during his mandate.

In this context, Johnson expressed his first important speech as foreign minister, saying that the global liberal regime must be preserved and that Britain should continue its international leadership role after Brexit.

Regarding the concerns about the convergence policy between president-elect of the United States Donald Trump and Putin, Johnson stated that the attitude of the West towards Russia has not changed, but they are in preparation for dialogue with Moscow. Johnson also pointed out that Trump is right about accusations against NATO member states that member states should increase their defense spending.

At the same time, Johnson pointed out that relations with Russia could not be normalized yet; he said, “Russia could win the acclaim of the world by halting its bombing campaign in Syria delivering Assad to peace talks and abiding by the letter of the Minsk agreements in Ukraine and once more I will not shy away from delivering those messages face to face.”


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