Mustafa AY – TDO – 29.01.2018 On Saturday, a suicide bomber exploded himself in a crowd in Kabul. According to the first scrutiny of the officials, the number of dead was determined as 90, while the number of injured was over 200. On Sunday, Afghan officials stated that death toll reached precisely 103, while the exact figure of injured was determined as 235. This bloody attack targeting totally civilians took place a week after 6 gunmen arranged another bloody attack on foreigners at Kabul Intercontinental hotel. In that attack, 22 innocent foreigners were murdered, as well as 6 gunmen were neutralized in a well-planned operation by Afghan Special Forces. The responsibility of hotel attack was assumed by Taliban. On Sunday, Taliban assumed the responsibility of suicide attack happened on Saturday. Afghan officials declared Sunday as a day of national mourning for the innocent lives lost in the attack.

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