Selin ATAY-TDO-The number of people killed in two weeks of anti-government demonstrations and violence in Chile has risen to 23.

The Chilean prosecutor's office announced on its social media account that 23 people died in demonstrations during the state of emergency declared in the country on October 19-26, and investigations are continuing.

In Santiago, the most important means of transportation, the metro fares to be applied between certain hours to 4 percent increase was decided. The protests, which began in response to the decision as a ‘jump from the turnstile’ on the subway, turned violent as security forces used force on those who jumped from the turnstile and passed without pay.

Looting and arson incidents occurred due to demonstrations spreading throughout the country, 3 regions and 11 cities, including the military security 'state of emergency' and 'curfew was declared.

But despite the "state of emergency" and curfew, demonstrations were unstoppable and splashed across other cities.

Seeking to calm the protests, President Sebastian Pinera dismissed eight people, including the interior and finance ministers.

In Chile, a "state of emergency" has been declared for the first time since dictator Augusto Pinochet was ousted in 1990, handing over security to the military.

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