De-Globalizing the World


İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- Hungary’s new, rightwing government offered to limit the activities of foreign-funded civil society groups and suggested that the change in the U.S. government means a new era in the history.

In a telephone interview, spokesman of Hungary’s Prime Minister, Zoltan Kovacs, confirmed that there would be some changes in the rules, about civil activists, as many of them accused of behaving like de facto politicians.

He reminded that his government was accused of corruption and warned to increase transparency for several times and he said  “We believe that transparency of NGOs has the same requirement as in the case of politics and politicians, especially if those societies or associations deal with politics or policy-related issues’’. He added “The moment you step on the soil of political decision-making and responsibility, you are not a civilian any more. You have to act and behave like a politician.”

Also, Szilard Nemeth, deputy chair of parliament’s national security committee, declared that Hungary would use each tool to sweep out Soros-funded NGOs.

Soros was founded by billionaire philanthropist George Soros, in Hungary, supports dozens of local civil organizations through Open Society Foundation. Trump who seems like to be an idol for Hungarian officials, doesn’t like Soros too.

Activists fear that Hungary may eventually follow Russia, where foreign-funded NGOs determined as  “foreign agents” or Israel which force foreign funded organizations to report their activities prominently,  if  the half or above of their budgets coming from abroad.

Many Hungarian people concern that Hungary is becoming an anti-democratic state. Remember that World witnessed violent treatment of refugees in the country, even against children. Hungary had become a EU member in 2004.

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