News Center -TDO- An event was held in honor of the "Day of the Dead" hosted by the Mexican Ambassador to Turkey, Jose Luis Martinez y Hernandez.

Ambassador Hernandez and the ambassadors of Finland, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Luxembourg, Cuba and guests attended the event held at the embassy.

Ambassador Hernandez, in his speech here, stated that the origins of the Day of the Dead tradition go back to the pre-Hispanic peoples of Mexico.

Stating that the satirical skeleton images on the Day of the Dead altars were revealed by the graphic designer Jose Guadalupe Posada, Ambassador Hernandez noted that the altar at the event was dedicated to Ambassadors Alfonso and Mauricio de Maria y Campos, who passed away this year, and to Mexican composer Armando Manzanero.

Ambassador Hernandez said, "The Day of the Dead is one of the most original, unique ways to commemorate and celebrate our deceased families, relatives and friends."

Ambassador Hernandez stated that they visited the graves of their relatives on this day and put flowers, fruit, food and drink on their graves and tried to tell them that this was a "happy day".

Pointing out that various figures were made, especially in the Middle Ages, in which the dead were represented very well, Ambassador Hernandez stated that they commemorate their deceased relatives with songs, food and flowers on the Day of the Dead.

In the event, the altar with skeletons, photographs, food and drink was welcomed by the guests with interest.

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