Embassy of Ukraine in Ankara- Every year, the last Saturday of November, people commemorates the Holodomor victims of 1932 and 1933 in Ukraine. On that day, Ukrainians living in other countries, including Ukraine and Turkey, light candles in mourning measures or in their own homes in memory of our millions of innocent citizens killed.

Holodomor means ‘to kill with hunger’ in Ukrainian. The concept was used to name the disaster that claimed millions of lives between 1932 and 1933.

This terrible disaster did not occur as a result of natural disasters such as drought or crop shortages, but as part of the policy of the Soviet Communist regime to destroy Ukrainians. Such a policy was pursued to finally eliminate Ukraine's resistance to the regime and its efforts to establish an independent Ukrainian state.

From 1932 until Ukraine gained independence, the Holodomor topic was imposed. However, Western diplomats and journalists visiting behind the “Iron Curtain” of totalitarianism were publishing statements and interviews about this brutal crime, conveying real events to the world.

According to different estimates, between 7 and 10 million Ukrainians were victims in total during the Great Famine.

In June 1933, the most people lost their lives, about 34 560 people were killed every day, 1440 every hour and 24 every minute.

Ukraine, both bilateral and multilateral, as establish the historical truth, to honor the memory of millions of Ukrainians by the Stalin regime deliberately destroyed and their ideologues, argues that the condemnation of a crime against humanity without the timeout.

This year commemorates the 87th year of Holodomor in Ukraine. Commemorative events and campaigns will be held in many countries, including Ukraine and Turkey, where Ukraine lives.

In order for such crimes against humanity to never happen again, the democratic world must remember the terrible pages of history, such as the Holodomor.

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