News Center -TDO- Germany’s Ambassador to Turkey Martin Erdmann and his spouse Marion Erdmann’ hosted a reception at German Embassy in Ankara, in consequence of “Day of German Unity”.

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, foreign mission representatives in Ankara, academicians and other guests attended to the reception.

In his opening speech Ambassador Erdmann said that economy, industry and technology are the pioneers in the relations between Turkey and Germany. Mr. Ambassador stated “We have made this celebration for more than 100 years in Turkey, which has good relations with Germany.”

Minister Varank, in his speech at the reception, expressed satisfaction with being at there. The relations, which are multidimensional in political, economic and human dimensions, are based on a long history, Mr. Minister said.  In addition to trade, investment and tourism cooperation, Minister Varank stated that 3.5 million Turkish citizens living in Germany is one of the basic elements of strengthening bilateral relations, said that the institutionalization is important to take the cooperation one step further.

Minister Varank also told that as the ministry, they established the German Panel as to help German industrialists operating in Turkey, to solve their problems encountered and to implement the proposals on behalf of investors.

At the end of the speeches, the Ambassador's wife Marion Erdmann sang Turkish songs upon the request of Minister Varank.

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