İrem GÖL -TDO- As the official figures showed a decline in the rate of Covid-19 infections, the Czech Republic has opened its borders for foreign travel.  Czech Republic was among the first European countries to close its borders on 16 March due to the coronavirus outbreak. The move which represented a surprise change of course for the country was announced by the health minister, Adam Vojtech.

That was a surprise U turn in the policy of the Czech Republic as the country’s president Milos Zeman has suggested last weekend that the frontiers should stay closed for the next year. Vojtech announced that the travel was upon the condition of the travellers to prove they were uninfected on their return. He said: “Upon return, travellers will either have to present confirmation of a negative test for coronavirus, or be forced to spend 14 days in quarantine.”

Also restrictions are being lifted on movement within the country, with groups of up to 10 people permitted to gather. Previously, the outdoor gatherings were limited to two people. Now, with allowing the Czech citizens to leave the country and return, it is still unknown when the state would allow the foreign visitors to re-enter.

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