Mustafa AY- TDO-25.11.18 Recently, the opposition MPs came up with a breaking allegation of which PM Babis frauded the state by misusing 2.25 million euros of state account that EU granted Prague as subsidy. According to claims, PM Babis distributed some amount of money to his relatives and son - Andrej Babis Jr-. So, the opposition strived for getting Babis Jr. interrogated. However, PM Babis allegedly kidnapped his son to Crimea so as to obstruct the investigation.

At the previous week, Opposition party representatives pushed the parliament to arrange vote of no-confidence to topple PM Andres Babis's coalition government on account of the allegations of corruption and fraud that PM Babis implicated in. As a result of opposition's call, the parliament was obliged to comply literally. On Friday, Czech Parliament arranged vote of no-confidence. The consequence of voting was an absolute failure in terms of opposition, which managed to collect 92- short of 101 required to topple Babis-. With this vote of no-confidence, the opposition was going to lift Babis' political immunity first and then, launch extensive probe to judge him.

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